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Things to know about accommodation in New Zealand

Mattresses in Hotels, Motels, and everywhere else are in its majority are made with springs. Some places have good ones and some others you feel like sinking to the centre of the Earth. Our tip is before you choose your room, ask to check it out, and don't forget the mattresses.
Also check the pillows. Some are made out of very thin foam, and others are made out of feathers. Anyway, we found out to be very low, meaning if you need a higher pillow, do not hesitate to ask at the reception for more.
Sizes of beds available are standard. Single Bed = for a very skin person that doesn't moves very much. Double Bed = for a normal person or two persons in hungry strike. Queen size bed = for two normal persons.  King size bed = For two normal persons being one pregnant, or someone with an advantaged belly.
Basically all accommodation providers in New Zealand have some form of heating inside the room. Only during a few days along the year, the will keep warm during the night enough not to need a heater. Most of the other days of the year the temperature drops very suddenly during the night. In case the room you are staying still have the old electric filament resistor model (the one that goes red) it is advisable to have some water in a glass or vase, otherwise the air will be too dry. Also some place with central heating are tricky to get the right amount of air flow, meaning some times it gets too warm, some times it feels like not working. Remember that keeping the curtains down you isolate better the ambience  and don't need a heater (but loses the view).
New Zealand is a place with lots of tectonic plate movement, and that translates into Earthquakes. Despite the fact only a handful of these are felt each year, some can be quite devastating. For this reason there are almost no gas installations in homes and accommodation providers, instead, the heat power is supplied by electricity. In kitchens of almost every home, hotels, motels, and similar, what you will find is an electric kettle to boil the water for a Instant coffee or tea. The burners of the stoves are basically made of an electric round plate. The switches for these appliances are just above the power plug, and off course have to be in "On" position for things to work. Take care specially when using the bread toaster machine because if you let the bread burn a little bit, not only you going to have burnt bread, but also smoke alarms will make a big noise.
With exception of big hotels, most other accommodation establishments charge the theirs fees at arrival. Yes, you have to pay in advance. Anyway, this is good for those leaving next day early morning, because all you have to do is drop the key at the reception (of a box placed outside) and bye bye. If for some reason they keep some money from you as a bond (example: They charged you 20 bucks for the toilet keys or something else) don't forget to get it back the night before in case you're leaving the premises before they open.
Reservations and bookings can be made easily by many different ways. The Tourist Information Kiosks do that for free to you anywhere in New Zealand (of course some get commission from the accommodation provider as usual in this industry) We strongly recommend booking in advance, but don't forget to pay lots and lots of attention to their cancellation policy. If travelling intercity on a daily basis, a call to the next port of call (just to check if they have vacancy) is strongly advisable for peace of mind.
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