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  If you are going to travel in New Zealand, you donít need to worry about accommodation. There is a great number of places for you to stay in almost any city, offering you from the more simple such as a Backpackers hostel as well as catering to the more demanding customers. The first thing you need to decide is the type of trip that you are going to take, for how long, and with how many people, as this will form the basis for the best accommodation for you. For example, If you are going to hire a motor home or caravan such as the photo above, you will not need to worry about accommodation, as you sleep inside, and all you need is to find a nice quite area to park the car. If you are travelling with a family for a longer period of time Motels can offer excellent value.

  Here is a list of some of the advantages and disadvantages of each style of accommodation. Note that prices supplied below are a guide only and can vary depending upon the seasons:

  Caravan or Motor home Ė Advantages: Mobility, donít need to find accommodation, sleep anywhere (except where otherwise signed), small kitchen for preparing meals. This option is only worth it if you are more than one person, the more people the cheaper. The cheapest option is for 3 people travelling. Average cost is Nz$120 per day. Disadvantages: Lack of a decent toilet, very cramped, limited power supply, unless you are in a caravan park. Read more...
  Motel Ė Advantages: Big rooms with a seperate lounge area, rooms with tv, fully equipped kitchens with stove, fridge, utelsils, microwave etc... reasonably spacious bathroom, all towels and bed linen Feels more like a apartment. Prices are a little lower than hotels, and if you are travelling by car, they offer a parking spot right next to your room. Disadvantages: There is little reception services and no porters. Location, for example in Auckland there is no motels in the city centre. Price between NZ$ 85 and 150 per day. Read more...
  Hotel Ė Advantages: Exceptional customer service, offer other services such as restaurant and bar, usually have a pool and recreation area, and are well located especially in the city centre such as Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Disadvantages: Small and cramped rooms, higher prices starting from   NZ$ 90 to1000  per day for a double. Read more...
  Cabins in Caravan Parks - Advantages: Similar to what can be found in a motel room, only is a lot smaller.  Located normally on the outskirts of the city, in a more open and beautiful location. In many small towns they are often very centrally located. You can use barbeques, pool and other facilities of the caravan park. Disadvantages: possible noise from other camping neighbours; maybe have no vacancy during the peak season. Price starts from around NZ$ 90 to 150 per day for a couple. So itís not too bad for when you are more than one person. Read more...
  Backpacker Hostels - Advantages: Central location or very close the centre, people from all over the world travelling so there is a greater opportunity for new friendships, relationships; Very cheap compared to other accommodation; some offer single or double private rooms. Disadvantages: Community rooms, kitchen and bathroom. People coming in and going out of the room, making noise, having to wait for the bathroom etc.. Lack of privacy. Priced around NZ$ 25 per night, or NZ$ 70 for a private double room. This is a great option for those who are travelling alone or maybe in 2, and for those who are tight on money. Read more about Hostels in NZ ...
  Bed & Breakfast - Advantages: Private rooms and bathroom, room service and breakfast included. Both centrally located as well as some set on beautiful city outskirts locations. Disadvantages: some restrictions and not entirely private.  Price starts from NZ$ 85 ate 200 depending on the luxury and location. Read more...
  Farmstay - Advantages: Direct contact with nature and with a typical NZ farm. Owners are normally very friendly. In some farms there is the opportunity to help and to learn about the types of work in a farm. Traditional meals, with many of the ingredient coming fresh from the farm. Disadvantages: Far from metropolitan centres, and transport. Some restrictions and some lack of privacy. Prices from NZ$ 150 per day with meals included. Read more...
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