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New Zealand is a very peaceful place, apart from there being calm and order on the streets, you will also find that there is almost no animals in this land that are venomous or really dangerous, especially when looking at it closest neighbour, Australia, which has the top 10 most venomous and dangerous snakes in the world, venomous spiders, sharks, crocodiles, dingos, killer jellyfishes, and the list goes on and on. On land the only animal that has the ability to kill is probably being stung by bees (in the case of allergic people), but even the bees in New Zealand seem calmer. This all means that you can walk through the forest or bush, national parks etc..with absolutely no fear that any animal will bite you, except of course mosquitos.

In the sea however, there is one specific type of animals with long sharp teeth that most people try to avoid – Sharks. But shark attacks are rare, and the statistics for attacks are very low, maybe because of the cold waters, as well as the little number of people that frequent the beach (especially in winter). The great white shark is the most dangerous, but they only bite humans when they close their mouths. They are a danger more to surfers, wearing wetsuits, which in turn look like a very delicious seal, but even for surfers shark attacks are very rare. In the sea you will also find the stone fish, which is venomous, but prefer warmer waters and for that reason there are very few around. There is also the giant squid found close to Kiakoura, but they only eat fish and baby whales and there are no know or recorded attacks on humans….

  As you can see New Zealand is a land of red roses and the dangers are more related to other human beings than animals. You will not need to worry here.

The Kea looks like a type of parrot, only it has a very unique and funny habit, it is addicted to rubber of cars. It has become a chemical dependent. It has no preferences on where it get its supply, being on the windscreen, the car door, the mirrors….they must do an elastic poo, because if you snooze you loose and the kea will be on your car having its fun in no time. The Kea also has no preference for car makes and models, or the year… they will tear any car apart. Just like we prefer our beer cold, the Kea also enjoys its rubber nice and cold, and can be easily found on mountains and ski resorts. The Kea however is a harmless bird, except to your car of course. Read more about animals that inhabit New Zealand in our page about New Zealand Fauna.

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