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If you are not a surfer then maybe this page will not interest you, because I have dedicated this whole page to describe this world class surf break, and where you will find the best wave in New Zealand. Raglan is situated just a little more then 50 km west of Hamilton. The town of Ragland is really tiny, and basically has just one road (photo above). This road appropriately named “main road” has some cafes, shops, restaurants, and accommodation. The rest of the town consists of houses surrounding the main road. During summer the town is completely full.

The big attraction of Raglan is the 3 left point break situated a few kilometers from the town. Many people think that when they have arrived at Raglan, they have arrived at the break. The actual point break is quite far from the town. You will need to follow the Wainui Road for around 10 km until you get to Manu bay. So if you don’t have a car, then things could get a little complicated.  You can find some accommodation right on the point, but it can be quite expensive. Most times you will find some kind of wave on the points, but there are times when it can be flat for long periods of time. It is wise to check the swell forecast before venturing off. But when the swell and the wind blows in the right direction, the wave is absolutely perfect, quick, and very long. Like we have said there are 3 point breaks, and although many believe in the right conditions the 3 can join, but we have never seen any photos confirming this. You can choose which point to surf, but the 3rd one is the most crowded because it is the most accessible. The first break is the hardest to get to, as you have to climb down a steep hill to get there, but it offers less crowds and better waves. Rocks surround all the points and it can cause much damage to your board if you do not know where to enter and where to get out. Best thing is to watch some local before braving out. If it is a classic day then you can expect it to be pretty crowded, but you can still catch many waves, one of which could be the best one of your life.  

Photos of the points on a terrible day

The first point or Indicator
Second point
Third point – the most accessible

See good photos of Raglan in this external website

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