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General Tips about 
New Zealand

Check the voltage of your electrical equipment before bringing it with you. The voltage in NZ is 240 volts and 50 hertz. Voltage converters are not cheap around here.

If you bring any food items with you make sure you DECLARE them and go to the red section of customs. The fines for not declaring are very big and to them there is no excuses (donít try my mum put it there and I didnít know or something like that, it doesnít work.

Donít try to compare your country with New Zealand, for example donít say ďthe beaches where I come from are much better then the ones hereĒ the kiwis donít appreciate you bad mouthing their country. Instead ďThe beaches here are so beautiful just as the ones in my country. (Even though that might not be true) use psychology not arrogance.

There is no better flight or day to come to NZ. Be honest at immigration and make sure you have proof of the NZ$1000 per month that you say you are going to be staying. If you have a job offer while on a tourism visa, seek the immigration and take out a work permit. Its not as hard as you might think. Donít jeopardise your countries reputation by staying illegally, and make it hard for other to come here.

The tourist information centres found in every city you will find maps of the city, accommodation and you how to make bookings, things to do, tours, where to rent a car, shows, taxi call service and many other useful information. The service given by the tourist information is completely free.

In the yellow pages you will find a super detailed map of the city. If you feel thatís is a little heavy to carry around most convenience stores sell detailed map for around NZ$7.

If you are looking for work, make sure you have an up to date resume always on hand. Never be late for you interviews, and if you do get a job make sure you take out a work permit before you start.

To feel less cold, apart from going inside, you should cover the bodyís extremes such as the head, hands, and feet. Gloves, woollen socks, and bennies can reduce the body heat lost by 50%. Wool is one of the best materials to keep warm, as well as the thermal clothing. Thermal clothing are a little more expensive but they really help to keep warm and are a lot lighter then wool. If you are going skiing make sure you take spare sock for when your socks get wet, to prevent frost bite.

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