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Women Tips
for New Zealand

New Zealand women had a historic role in the world. This history starts in 1893 when for the first time in between any nation; New Zealand's women gained the right of vote. This right was not only to the "white" women, but was extended to the Maori women too.  Kate Sheppard was the head of this campaign, which mobilized more than 90.000 women at that time. If you want to see how she looks like, just check the NZ$ 10 note. She is the main figure printed on the note. Just as a comparison, only in 1964 the black people of the United States of America gained the right of vote. New Zealand's women were years ahead of their time in terms of knowing theirs social importance.

  Today, 50 % of New Zealand population are women. From the total, 15 % are from Maoris background approximately 33% of New Zealand Parliament is formed by women. Also many women today have extreme importance in New Zealand's society, occupying positions before reserved for men. One of the reasons for so many women in New Zealand have such a big importance on the society, is the fact that since 1870 women were used to attend schools, including university. This attitude transformed what was in the past the philosophy of "Men do everything outside home, while women take care of the kids and homework" into a position which women entered and competed equal to equal to any men being, lawyers, teachers, doctors and so on. Around 1880, more than 700 women without the right of vote were employing many men which had the right to vote. Very interesting situation...

After the Second World War, there were too much work to be done and not enough people to accomplish it. Even married women decided to fulfil this gap. Despite the fact the salaries were in favour of the male workers, but it didn't take a long time for the equalization. Today not only women in New Zealand have the same wages as their male counterparts as well as they occupy positions typically for males, such as Helicopter pilots, CEO of multinationals, banks, etc...In reality, New Zealand women today can be found in all levels and all sectors of any industry one can imagine. No restrictions.

Curiosity: Helen Elizabeth Clark (born: 1950) former prime minister of New Zealand, was the first women prime-minister elected in New Zealand in December 1999 and was re-elected 3 more times. She has a PHD in Rural politic behaviour and also likes outdoor activities such as Mountain Climbing, and exploring wild regions all over the world.

Man behaviour: In New Zealand sexual harassment is not only against the law, but also not appreciated by the majority of female groups. For example, Its not polite ask a NZ women about her private life or how much money she make in that position. If she likes you, she may let you know at the time she thinks the matter is relevant. Feminine problems or wishes are not usually to be disclosed to a man (and other women too), unless a strong bond is made.

Curiosity: In a New Zealand company that only employs women a sign on the wall says.... "Here there are no problems with Sexual Harassment. We classified them from zero to ten".

Kiwi Women are very independent and do many things alone including travelling. New Zealand is a very safe place for women to travel alone and the majority of the men understand that and respect that. So, if you are a solo traveller and women, you don't have anything to be afraid off, except (of course) take the basic and usual precautions. In New Zealand the number of women that do things alone is so big that you can find in the tourist market companies that caters only for female tourists. Accommodation, tours, etc...Married Kiwi Woman in the majority are in the work force. They not only want to contribute with the society but also they have a very strong sense of family and the achievement the couple or family can enjoy if someone else brings money home. But there is the other side of the coin...In a NZ study done in 2004, the result showed a very high degree of domestic violence with 30% of the women interview declaring had suffer some kind of domestic violence from the partner.

Maori Women, have a very important participation in New Zealand society with great influence on the language, food and cultural maters. Traditional Maori Woman have the area around their mouth tattooed in a expression of beauty and spirituality.

 Beauty and Feminine arthefacts

 Please see below a list of how much cost to be gorgeous in New Zealand. Please note that the prices supplied are a guide only and can vary from town to town and saloon to saloon. But at least you'll have an idea to be prepared for the expense.

Beauty Saloon in New Zealand

Cost around NZ$

Hair Cut

$ 30

Hair Cut and brush

$ 65


$ 75


$ 80


$ 90 - 110


$ 40

Hair massage 30 min

$ 55

Wax 1/2 leg

$ 35

Wax Full Leg

$ 55

Bikine line


Brazilian Wax

$ 58

Eye Brows

$ 75

Pharmacy products

Around NZ$
Wax strips  (cold wax) w/ 10 straps $10 
Pot of wax ( hot) $15 the pot
Hair Dye box $ 10 to 20
Tampon 16 units $ 5
Pads  regular w/12 $ 6
Nail polish remover $ 10
Tweezers $ 8
French Nails Kit $ 15

Contraceptive pills (around $24) Contraceptive pills are sold only with medical prescription. If you can bring your own it is better otherwise get a prescription from your doctor in your home country. In that way the doctor in New Zealand will know what kind of the pill you have already used, and give you a similar prescription to buy. As a final tip... when you go to the doctor there, request contraceptionís prescription for the whole period in New Zealand or at least one year. It will save you in time and money. The consultation costs in average NZ$ 60.

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