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Habits of
the Kiwis

 The Kiwis are people in love outdoor activities, but not everybody is involved in adventure and extreme sports. There are many options to do and visit even in small cities, to practice sports and engage in activites. Of course a lot of people also enjoy staying home and looking after their home and gardens. Pioneering had always been a New Zealand strong point, conquering remote areas, mountains ( famous Edmund Hillary- -Everest mountains), facing extreme colds and the forces of nature. Today with the Internet, TV, Video Games the weekend is a temptention just to stay home but it is hard to resist to at least a picnic in the park or a bike ride. 

The Kiwi is a love home person, although they do like to get out  and go to the beach with the friends and family (only in summer), to visit a different places, camping , have a picnic or go to a park. But of course for any of these things to happen the weather needs to be fine, and this factor will pretty much influence anything that the Kiwi does. The weather report during news is almost a sure thing to have the viewers glued to the screen. Its very common for the Kiwi family to spend Saturday morning cleaning the house, and everyone does their part, children, mum, dad they all have their routine choirs that they must do. Saturday is also a day that the kids practice some sport. Many parent go regularly to watch their kidís games, and they get very competitive themselves. On Sundays its pretty much free time, time to sleep in, to watch the rugby or cricket game on TV, to do gardening, or a DIY (do it yourself) project. During summer, Barbeques are very common on Sundays or any holiday . 

Drinking and Smoking cost big for the New Zealanders. Both Items (cigarettes and alcohol) are heavily taxed by the government to try to control consumption (or to earn some big revenue). Smoking in New Zealand becoming less popular and have decrease significantly. Firstly because there are many restrictions where you can smoke, and also for the fact that one pack of cigarettes (20) is around the NZ$10. Compared to Australia, the Kiwi smokes a lot less, but on the other hand they drink just as much. From teenagers to the elderly, the Kiwi likes to drink, and they drink well. In general the older generation drink more wines, and distilled alcohol like whisky, while beer and pre mixed drinks are more popular with the younger people. A can of Beer costs around NZ$2. Teenagers are drink more and more, and like in Australia, they have the habit of drinking extremely quick, turning from people to rugs in the matter of minutes. 

In the contrary to the Kiwi the bird, who is nocturnal, the Kiwi is diurnal, sleeping early, around 10 pm so they can wake up for work the next morning. They respect and understand the laws, with the majority of the population being pretty honest, and they donít admit to corruption. Kiwis donít demonstrate too much emotion in public. They are now choosing to marry a little later in life, and the number of kids per family has been decreasing, marriages a lasting less and less, and the number of single mums are increasing. Hygiene habits have change a lot in the last 100 years, when showers were taken on a weekly basis, it has now turned into a daily activity. The importance of brushing your teeth right is though from an early age at school, and good oral hygiene is practiced by the majority of the population. Using perfumes and colognes have become very normal with both men and woman. After all romance still exists.

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