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 Life in New Zealand is calm, some times too slow motion for someone from a big city like London, Paris, Tokyo, New York or Rio. But it doesn't means one never will die from stress. Despite being quiet, New Zealand is not free from the day-by-day duties of the modern life. Anyway, what makes New Zealand calm and tranquil is the low concentration of population per square kilometre and its beautiful green pastures and panoramas around the country. Life can be slow or on the fast lane as you pleased.

 With so many beautiful places, both the government and population take great care of their environment, keeping places and streets clean and free of garbage. Kiwis are very proud of the country they have in hands, and despite the fact some will look for better opportunities outside New Zealand (10% of the Kiwis are living in Australia, but because flight time is only 3 hours many come back every year to visit family and friend). Kiwis love New Zealand the way it is and don't want any change besides more money in the bank. Kiwis are happy, informal but very well educated, and some times they act like sheep's, meaning that what one do and become successful, everybody else follows.

 The New Zealand society is very level some times reminding a socialism that worked out. Most of the population see the next as in the same level of social status, doesn't matter the colour of the skin, ideologies, what they do for living, sexual preferences, knowledge, or sexual preferences. Tourists in new Zealand will be very well treated and respected. The social system is based on the traditional family structure, despite the fact it is becoming statistics the number of "Solo mothers in these days". The values of moral, character, study and work are still strongly present in New Zealand today. What a person do for living or how much the person earns is not a matter of interest for a kiwi as soon as the person is acting legally, has a good character and manners. All kiwis are equal in law, and have the same obligations and rights. It is a country were the human rights are 100% respected.

 A person who arrives for the first time in New Zealand, will find the kiwis very friendly and keen to help a foreigner in anything they could. This impression doesn't change with time, like in some other countries which the tourist bucks is more important than the visitor. Kiwis are proud to show their country to anyone, and they know what a piece of paradise they've got there. Outside the bigger cities like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, it is difficult to walk for more than 15 minutes without someone say a hello, a good morning, or a kindly gesture, demonstrating they noted your presence, and are happy for you to be there. In many occasions I had to ask directions on the streets, none I was denied an attention, and in one case, the person took me to the place with his car.

 Life in New Zealand is blessed compared with other places in the world. There are no dangerous animals on land, diseases break outs, terrorism fear or agricultural plagues. The country is clean, the sea water is very clear, beaches are pristine, and the air also is clean (except when the sheep eat too much). The social security system is one of the best in the world, providing the basic support for those in need, not to mention the quality of hospitals and public schools which are top class. For sure New Zealand is a great small country with nice people and one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. You cannot miss at leat one visit to New Zealand in your life time.

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