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Security in
New Zealand

 Your safety in New Zealand could not be any better if it wasn’t for the many natural threats such a volcanoes, earthquakes, cyclones etc. Apart from these things, you will only die from excess of adrenalin from doing an extreme sport. But of course accidents do occur on the roads, and even at home, but statistics show that death from accidents are low. NZ does not have many dangerous animals such venomous snakes, and crime is also low.  From 7years I lived in New Zealand the only thief I saw was my friend Andrew robbing my fridge. Its happened to me before where I left my a backpack on a picnic table of a park, and come the next day to find it sitting happily just where I had left it, with nothing missing from it. But that was 14 years ago, and things may have changed a little from then, but not that much…

Today maybe that backpack would last 12 hours, patiently sitting there for me to return, and my bicycle if I parked it without locking it, probably would take itself for a spin never to return. If I don’t lock my car properly, it is possible that I will find a big black hole where my CD player once was. Many sign on the road today such as “Have you locked your car”, remind you to double check. The fact is that there are thieves in every country in the world, but of course in some there are more than other.

These robbers hardly ever are armed, and I have never heard of anyone I know to be robbed in this way, day or night, in any city in NZ. But of course it does happen, but its in small numbers, and when ever it does happen you will be sure to see it on the national news. The most common armed robberies are by knife on commercial or retail stores such as petrol station and convenience stores, not on individuals. Break ins (house robberies) have also become more frequent, more so in larger cities, but often it is lack of care from the homeowner, such as leaving the windows open. Pick pocketing is almost inexistent, and as long as you take a little bit of care with your belongings, you should never have a problem.

Only in the case of assault with weapons, is when the special police are called in. This special unit of ultra trained professionals has all types of weapons and equipment to deal with the most serious of situations. To be a policemen in NZ you need to be tertiary qualified, as well as pass extensive training. Most police in NZ are very courteous and well educated, attentive, and never corrupt. Don’t even try to bribe a police officer in NZ, or you may even end up in Jail. The police in New Zealand are well paid and you can generally count on them in any situation.

One of the only other few risks, not taking into account accidents in which any person can have, would be if you were to swim or surf in the middle of seals, where a nice great white shark could confuse you for their favourite meal, but even so there are no recent cases recorded of that happening. The only other thing that I can think of is in the larger cities such as Auckland, at certain times of the night you may be confronted with drunken thugs, trying to provoke something. Just ignore them and if you fell threaten just call the police from you cell phone. 

Important: The number for emergencies in NZ including police, fire and ambulance is 111.  

  New Zealand is one of the safest places in the world, and as long as you follow the law, you should have nothing to worry about.

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