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Coromandel Peninsula

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The Coromandel Peninsula was the original landing point of Captain Cook in New Zealand in 1769. The exact landing location was the Wharekaho beach or Simpson beach. Other that the magnificent beauty of the beaches, there are places where the mountains and the forest reach out and touch the sea, it’s the kind of stuff that films are made of. The peninsula still has large rock formations that were from the time period of when Captain Cook arrived. One of the great advantages of Coromandel other than the proximity to Auckland (80 k.m.s) is that this area is perfect for rest and relaxation after a long trip or just a nice weekend away. This is what Captain Cook did… After disembarking the ship, he took a swim in the sea then lay on the sand and just was at peace. Today, the Coromandel Peninsula is the main tourist spot because it is relaxing yet has so much to offer, activities such as surfing, canoeing, fishing, diving, boating, gold mining, mountain climbing and other attractions in the area. 

Travelling inland from the Peninsula, Thames is the gateway to get to Auckland (90 minutes drive). In the 19th century, Thames was the largest city in all of New Zealand, this is because it was a gold rush city, many miners struck gold in the city. Still to today many great adventures travel to this city to try their luck and see if they strike gold. The main street is well persevered with many historic cafes, restaurants and stores which sell many interesting artefacts of the city. Going further inland, Coromandel Town, is another city renowned in the Gold Rush era, and like Thames, holds many historical aspects. This city is full of many talented artists that produce very beautiful pieces of art and sell in various stores throughout the city. To the top of the Peninsula, Port Jackson (photographed), is a photographer’s paradise, and nature lovers. This is not a very touristy area, this basically guarantees that it wont be busy. The beaches and attractions are generally deserted and in pristine condition. The accommodation in the area is rarely a problem, with availability for all likes and budgets. 

On the outside of the Peninsula, there are some great surfing beaches where they can surf some of the best quality waves. The open sea beaches have some great swell during the year and always sit close to the entries of canals and rock outcrops. The beaches are open which are lined with little towns and villages, each with its own special charm and because of this it attracts the Auckland city slickers to the beaches on the weekends and public holidays. The most popular towns are Tairua, Paianui, Whitanga, Whangamata and Whaihi. Each of those towns has great waves to surf. These towns draw surf lovers and professionals alike all to the one area. Whangamata is the most popular town of the five due to spetacular surfing breaks beloved by surfers of all ages. The other towns on the outskirts of the area offer great secluded swimming spots, frequented by families with small children, or for grandparents who just want somewhere to relax. For people who aren’t there to surf there are some great tracks through the bushland which climb up along the rock faces and into deserted coves, or maybe even a little game of golf by the sea.

The truistic side of Coromadel has many options of things to do for reasonable prices. Whitanga has the most attractions. Deep-sea fishing tours, glass bottom boat tours in a Marine Park, Kayak trips, even a beach that has hot water coming through the sand. In the Hot Water Beach, for two hours during the low and high tide, if you dig a hole in the sand it will fill itself with warm water. You can stay there for as long as you want untill the cold water from the incoming tide gives you a thermal shock and finishes with the pleasure. There are 3-hour Kayak tours available for those tourists who enjoy the sea, these tours explore caverns, find dolphins and focus on the natural habitat. In the Marine Park there is the option of scuba diving to the magical floor of the ocean, full of plants, coral and marine life. The waters are absolutely crystal clear. 

The whole region of Coromandel is very beautiful and full of panoramas that can fill almost any digital memory card. The best time to visit the region is between October and May, because the ocean water is still a decent temperature (20 Degree). Outside of this period, the area becomes even more beautiful, with clear days but the water cools down to around 14 degrees, when wetsuits for water activities are strongly recommended. This time though, is a perfect time to explore the mountains and trails of the region. Captain Cook made the most of the area, so why don’t you?

Tourist Attractions on the Coromandel Península

Pinnacles- Coro Forest Park Hot Water Beach
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