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 Dunedin - (Pop. 120.000)

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Dunedin city mix both sides, young and old, and it is the second biggest city on the South Island of New Zealand. The Otago University attracts a multitude of around 19,000 students to a City with a total of 120,000 inhabitants. That is the why you can call Dunedin an university city, young, vibrant and full of warm people despite getting very cold during winter time. Anyway, because of that huge number of young people per capita, the city offers plenty of fun and things to do. Pubs, Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, everything is there for students and regular tourist alike. By the other side, Dunedin has an old atmosphere, for the simple reason it host the biggest preserved collection of Victorian and Scottish architecture in the Southern hemisphere. There are Churches, pubs, restaurants, houses and even a castle, just the way they were long time ago. Most of these buildings were restored in its original form, giving to Dunedin an exclusive characteristic in New Zealand, and the best...Most of them are also open to public visitation. On the city centre, the Octagon (photo above) is the main square, or better saying, it is a kind of square with eight sides which receives a different street from each side, like an strange roundabout. This area is surrounded by buildings and modern shops, sometimes in a historic building. It is very enjoyable to have a stroll on these streets looking the shopping windows and finding something really different and nice to buy. 

Just turn your head to have an idea how is Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. It is obvious that the best jobs around must be for mechanics specialized in breaks and hand breaks, and probably, if someone decides to use a skateboard to go down the street, there will be a strong chance to land in Australia. If you stumble, don't expect to stop rolling for the next minute or so. Anyway, the way up if not made by car, is going to be a nice training for Mt.Everest. If you make to the top by foot, there is a shop up there that issue certificates of competition. Early morning when frosty, we strongly recommend no to walk on this street without a boat anchor or boot with nails at the bottom.

During Summer the whole life changes in Dunedin. The days are much longer getting dark only by ten o'clock in the night which makes people get out of their homes and go out for the fun. Families, students, tourists, everybody enjoy the evening outdoors in the beautiful parks, gardens, or beaches that Dunedin offers. During this time, there are plenty of activities and attraction to be seen, from radical and adrenaline tours, to contemplative and cultural tours such as meet a Yellow Eyed Penguin, Seals, and Sea Lions at the Otago Peninsula, where they stay lazy, enjoying the summer sun.

Other things to do in Dunedin range from a visit to the Otago Museum, which has expositions about Culture, nature, Science, Arts, and Maori Arts as well. It worth the visit. Moeraki Rocks (photo) is another interesting thing to see. They are round boulders laying on the sand that looks like those old cannon balls and they a kind of unique in the world. If you want some more action, there are tour on 4x4 or by boat that follows the beautiful coast. For those attracted by mountains, what about visit the Taieri Gorge which can be explored by train crossing gorges, valleys, and bridges. Also, a visit to the Lanark Castle, (the only Castle in new Zealand) is another must do. The view from the Castle to the bay is capable of take the breath of whales, such a magnificent view. A visit to the historic Dunedin train station and churches of the city, should be in everyone's itinerary. As we said before, Dunedin is a great city to explore, with great restaurants, ( don't miss the local seafood - sublime) and also, good accommodation and fair prices are characteristics of the city.

Yellow Eye Penguin

Starfish at low tide 

Attractions in Dunedin

Distances from Dunedin to:

Te Anau 412 km 6 hours & 30 min
Queenstown 281 km 4 hours & 25 min
Christchurch 364 km 5 hours
Picton 700 km 9 hours & 30 min
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