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Captain Cook was happy sailing the Endeavour when someone shouted..."Bay Ahead". But soon the happiness turned into despairs when he found the ship squizzing between dangerous reefs. After very precise turns he put the ship out of danger and exclaimed..."What a poverty!". The crew liked his words and that is the why the bay in front of Gisborne be called "Poverty Bay". Today the reefs are still there, but people found out that the bay is much wider and bigger than Cook first spotted. In reality, the bay has a deep channel which allows huge cargo ships to dock in. From poverty the Bay has nothing, just the opposite, it is beautiful with nice beaches. The reefs that played before with Cook, today are perfect spots for fishing, Surf, scuba diving, marine life and succulent lobsters

Gisborne is famous to be the first city in the world to see the sunrise (International date line is not far away). Anyway, if the bright tourist decide to really be the first to see the sunrise, he or she will have to climb the MT.Hikurangi (1750m) for the privilege. Gisborne today is almost reaching the 50,000 inhabitants mark, including the rural area. The city centre had nothing special that called my attention when I was there, but the city has 3 museums, art galleries, and a good  tourist infra structure, such as Shopping, Supermarkets, Night Clubs, Restaurants and pubs. The city also has a very strong Maori influence with plenty of Maori arts and crafts for sale. The places that we enjoyed the most were the Hot water pool, very nice to relax after a long driving, the big statue of Captain Cook, and a mural right in front of the statue whose paintings express different times of the colonization. The best of Gisborne for us was not the town itself,  but the areas that surrounds the city...

Nearby Gisborne, the coast is the highlight. Both North and South the beached tourist will find gorgeous small bays, each one presenting beautiful and inviting beaches. Gisborne has many good waves for surfing despite the fact the water is cold if is not summer. During summer and holiday periods these beaches attracts a huge number of local families and holiday makers searching for fun. During summer the sea water is also much warmer which invites for snorkelling fishing and surf. Winter time is cold and nobody will be on the beach except surfers who take advantage of the best swells of the year. Driving 8 Km North of Gisborne, surfers will find places such as Wainui Beach & Makorori Beach both with high quality waves. Further North (something around 80 Km) the beach of Mahia, receives very consistent swells all year round for all levels of Surfers. Nature lovers will also have a wale of a time there, with many trails that will end in beautiful waterfalls. The  Te Urewera National Park is considered one of the 10 best trekking places in New Zealand and has a circuit of 50 Km that can be made in two days going around a crystalline lake

Almost all rural areas around Gisborne are occupied by vineyards. It is not a surprise that 30% of all wines produced in new Zealand comes from this region together with Hawkes Bay. But it is not only from grapes that the region survives. The sunny climate most part of the year is also fantastic for Apples and other fruits and vegetables in smaller scale. As many other part of New Zealand, the region also boost a large number of happy sheep and their smelly gases. Sheep are present everywhere in such a number that one never will suffer from insomnia. Small towns to the South and North of Gisborne well worth a look. The road to both sides is very good with nice panoramas, but they are very mountainous with many curves and ups and downs. Not very good to hit the road after a hearty meal. Don't miss Gisborne in your trip to New Zealand. It is a very interesting area.

  Attractions in Gisborne

Distances by road from Gisborne to:

Gisborne - Talaga Bay 54 km  45 min.
Gisborne - Wairoa 98 km 1 hour & 30 min.
Gisborne - Napier 215 km  3 hours & 25 min
Gisborne - Tauranga 301 km 5 hours
Gisborne - Rotorua 275 km 4 hours & 50 min
Gisborne - Auckland 505 km 8 hours & 20 min
Gisborne - Wellington 529 km 8 hours & 15 min.
 Gisborne - Centre Intrepid Cap. James Cook
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