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Hamilton pop 139.000

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Hamilton City has lots of histories of significant importance to New Zealand. Was there that Captain Fane Hamilton was killed in a bloody battle with the Maoris, contributing to the victory that lead to the assignment of the Treat of Waitangi later. The second important thing in my opinion, is the fact that the beer I like the most in New Zealand, comes from the Waikato Region. Of course, it is called Waikato beer thanks to the Waikato River, the longest river in new Zealand which is about 425 Km long.

The City of Hamilton is located just 120 Km Southeast of Auckland by road. It is a vibrant city with a steady growth along the years. The University of Waikato, also attracts students from all over New Zealand to its internationally recognized courses. Surrounding Hamilton, an intense rural activity produces an wide variety of products from vegetables and fruits to one of the best dairy products in the world. Technology is another sector booming, for example, the factory of aquatic turbines and engines used in the "jet boats" you probably will ride on a tourist river tour while in new Zealand, are made in Hamilton and exported to all over the globe. The research sector is also very advanced in Hamilton especially on the dairy industry sector. The University of Waikato and the Polytechnic guarantees a good balance between old and young high level population.

Victoria Street is the main street in Hamilton, concentration the most of the commerce and shops. The city doesn't have big building being the average hight four stores. The urban planing is good with few traffic congestions except during rush hour to cross one of the bridges. The river divides the city in two parts. The major part of the city has a rectangular shape and blocks, which make it easy locomotion by foot or car. The tourist information and intercity bus station is in downtown and also is in the centre, that you will find the majority of restaurants, cafes, pubs and night life. In the margin of the river, beautiful public parks are an invitation for a picnic, a stroll or exercises. Hamilton is connected to the rest of the country by roads, train of buses. 

Once a year you can admire one of the best hot air balloon festivals in the planet. The festival attracts more than 40,000 people from all over New Zealand and overseas. The festival happens in April and extends all day thru the night with illuminated balloons and fireworks display. During the festival you will have the opportunity to try a flight or even became a balloon pilot after complete courses offered. Other attractions of Hamilton are the Botanic Gardens and the Zoo, both considered 10 out of 10. Hamilton is not a top tourist city in New Zealand but has many interesting things to see. If possible spend a couple of days there in your next trip to new Zealand.

It is possible to stay and do great tours in Hamilton for better prices than other more ding dong tourist cities. Hotels, Motels and tours in general are cheaper and the city has a lot to offer, from the Sky Casino to try your luck as well as radical tours in the waikato river and surroundings. For those who want soft tours a river tour with dinner on the Waipa Delta boat (photo) is the pic. The Waikato Museum  of Arts & History is another don't miss activities in Hamilton with exclusive collections of Maori Arts. There are many other things to do in Hamilton and as a place that is passage to others important tourist cities of North Island, we strongly recommend a stop over there.

Not too far from Hamilton, two places that are a must to visit for a day trip are :

- The Town of Raglan - Surfers can't miss it, because this place has the best surfing wave in New Zealand and top ranked in the world. For no surfers the town has plenty or artists and crafters very different that you find elsewhere.

Waitomo Caves - A complex of Caves that you can go inside with different levels of difficulty. From the contemplation on Glow worms to radical abseiling in grottos and underground rivers. Don't miss this one.

Tourist Attraction in Hamilton

Distances by road from Hamilton to:

Auckland 126 km 1 hours & 30 min.
Waitomo  60 km 1 hour
Rotorua 166 km 2 hours & 30 min.
Tauranga 106 km 1 hours & 55 min.
Wellington 512 km 7 hours & 30 min
Rock Bands from Hamilton Waikato University
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