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The Northern part of New Zealand is called Northlands offering a nice sub-tropical climate. The small cities in this region are very nice and full of wonderful beaches. The region is growing fast not only in size of  the cities and towns, but also in number of tour and activities for Kiwis and Tourists alike. Get in the car and explore the places will bring great surprises, and the number of things to see and do are almost endless

Whangarei - The city whose name means "Adorable Port" in Maori language, was one of the first places in New Zealand where Polynesians arrived almost 1000 years ago. It was much later that the British arrived causing confrontations that lead to the Treat of Waitangi. The Maori population in the region is about 30% today. Wangarei is considered the warmest city in New Zealand with lots of sunshine days and rain just enough to keep the land green. Tourists will find a great selection of Maori arts and crafts to buy, as well as very good shopping and souvenirs. The adventurous, the region offers many tracks to explore such as climb the Mt Parahaki and Mt Manaia. From the top, a fantastic view give a good understanding of the surrounds, and in the valleys there are waterfalls with places to swim. If you are up for just cruising in your car, the Whale Bay and Matapouri on the coast, are places you can't miss. The beaches in the region are pristine and one more beautiful than the other. Travelling South, the road to Waipu Cove, Langs Beach and Mangawhai besides the great look have nice waves for surfers. 

 The Bay of Islands is the most famous area of the region, where sailboat cruisers from around the world make a stop during the Cyclone season in the South Pacific. It also became a meeting point for boaties travelling. The bays has more than 140 Islands with plenty of calm and protected anchorages. The area also attracts tourists and Kiwis for the excellent fishing found all year round, like the sportive Marlin Fishing. During the summer holidays Aucklanders flock to the region to enjoy the variety of nautical and water sports. There are almost any king of boat for rental one can imagine. Snorkelling on reefs, scuba diving, water ski, kayak expeditions, jet-skis, surf, windsurf, sailing, you name it, you will find there. There are plenty of tours companies also offering a variety of tours, from see and swim with Dolphins to wreck diving. Paihia is the commercial centre of the region with modern shops selling from souvenirs to fashion, and Cafes and Restaurants provide fantastic gastronomic experiences, being the local sea food a must to try. There many calm beaches where families go for a picnic or to play with the kids. On the other side of the bay, Russel, is a nice village to visit. The highlight of the town are the historic constructions. Keri Keri another interesting town is famous for the Kiwi fruit and Avocado plantations. Wine is another produce of this region all highly appreciated around the world.

Tip: Do not miss the Waitangi Village. The house where the Treat of Waitangi was celebrated in 1840, is being kept in its original mode.

Following the road up to the direction of Cape Reinga you will pass by very charming small villages. The landscape and panoramas are breathtaking. On the way you will be able to stop and play Golf, in one of the most beautiful and panoramic Gold Courses in the world. This Golf Course is located in Kauri Cliff (photo). Just don't be too excited and throw the ball too far or you going to be very fit and in top shape after go down and back up again to get the ball. Surfers will find many beaches offering very decent waves. Divers and smokeless will find big lobster asking to go to the pot tonight and recreational fishmen will have a wide smile on the face. Just take your time in this region and enjoy a life stile difficult to find in the world today.

 The Cape Reinga is the extreme North point of New Zealand. From there you almost can see Australia on the other side of the Tasman Sea. (if not by the 2000 Km that separate both countries). It is an isolated and gorgeous place to admire the sunrise or the sunset. From the top of the hill with easy access by road, you will be able to testimony a big fight. That's right. Is right in front of the point where the Pacific Ocean tries to defeat the Tasman sea. The push and pull generates a very strong current in certain times of the tides, and the ocean sometimes looks like a wild river. There white sharks happily wait for some tired fish to become dinner. If you fall in the water and pass the sharks you will probably land in Australia without a visa. Bays and beaches near the Cape are spectacular and the land is covered with grape plantations for the wine industry. Canoeing of Kayaking are also great activities to do in the area. The Te Paki  village, has very tall sand dunes, great to slide down.Whatta beautiful place.

The way back to Auckland - you can make on the same road as before or Choose a longer but fantastic road that runs by the West side of the Northlands. It is more mountainous, with lakes, rural landscapes, and dense forest with giant Kauri Trees, some more than 500 years old with a diameter of about 3 metres. Northlands are a great trip for any tourist that really wants to know the beauty of New Zealand. Don't miss it.

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Tourist Attractions in the Northlands

Distances by road from:


Auckland - Cape Reinga 450 km 6 hours
Auckland - Whangarei 157 km 2 hours & 50 min.
Whangarei - Pahia  67 km 1 hour
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