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  It has been a long time since Captain Cook studied in New Zealand, or better saying, study New Zealand. By that time, the only school in New Zealand was the Maori Culinary School of Cannibal Arts, famous for tasting foreigners and locals around dinner time. Cook escaped the recipe, and never carried on his work as an Student Agent because all his students were eaten as well, together with the school director and teachers. He left the country desolated for not being able to bring into New Zealand International students, but at the same time happy for not becoming cover of the "Yummy, Yummy"  Maori recipe book. Time passed till the present days and the cannibalism was exchanged by normal food. Also, educational institutions and the education sector in New Zealand jumped to thousands of courses and schools, most of them open to International students from all over the world. Today, these schools have agents and representatives abroad to explain and orientate the prospective student about the facts, advantages and courses available in New Zealand. These representatives are also known as Student Agents.

There are two types of Student Agents: The first one is called Local Agent, meaning that the Agent is located in New Zealand. The second one is the International Student Agent, can be located around the world. Many agents have phisical shops and other equal number operates only using the Internet. Some have mixed business such as Travel Agency and Student Agency, selling package with airline ticket + School Course. The most important thing is to be sure that the Agent understand you financial and vocational needs to recomend the right school for you. Remeber that good courses and good agents are allways recomended by someone who had their services before.

Student Agents receive commission and so travel agents as they offer services and information, but do not forget that the process to enrol a student in a course is much more complex thant selling a travel ticket. A good agent will place the student in the right course, independent if the commission is more or less. The old rule "your pay what you get" means that is a good procedure to analyse if a cheaper school really can offer what you need. Most schools in New Zealand have hight standards and they receive auidition and must be registered to undertake International Student. Government Vocational Schools and Unis, Some Agents may charge some extra administration fees to cover fax, phone, etc..but the majority don't charge anything from the student.

Schools and Agents work with contracts were is defined the obligations and tasks of each one. The Agent has by contract the obligation to correctly orientate the student about all matters of the course, such as, cost, duration, hours, breaks, holiday,  location, accommodation, study topics, and the most important is to charge the price the school itself recommend. If you suspect the Agent is not carrying well its function, you can complain to the school about the Agent. (probably the school will cancel the contract with the Agent).

The Agent has also the obligation to explain to you the school's policy regarding interruption of the course, change of provider, or devolution any monies paid. That is the reason many New Zealand schools are contracting staff speaking different languages to better interact and explain to the student what to expect under which rules. Make sure you understand these policies very clear before doing the deal. Example, a person enrolled in an English course for 6 months which is paid in full, decides to return to her country because she miss her family and friends. Supposing she already did only 2 months, the reimbursement of any money will depend on the policy of the Educational Institution which are different one from another.

Tip: If you want to study in a New Zealand School and you think you will need an Agent to help you out, ring or send an email to the school requesting a list of their representatives or Agents in your country or town. Usually there is no differences in terms of cost if you do directly with the school or with an Agent. Sometimes dealing with the agent is a great deal of the services offered and speaking your language to explain things better to you.

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