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How to enrol
 to study in
New Zealand

  To enrol by yourself in a New Zealand Course is very simple. There is no need for an Agent if you follow few steps. Unless English is not your main language, in this case you can count with student agents to help you in the process. Before the fist step, we recommend you to check in the website of the New Zealand Immigration to see if you will need a pre-visa or not, and to decide he duration of your course.

Step By Step to Enrol:

1) Choose the City, the school and the Course you want to attend. Send them an Email or call the school, requesting all information needed such as starting dates, prices, cost of the study material, cost of homestay or airport transfers, etc...When you sure you want to study there, request an online form (in their website or to send to you by email). Fill up the form and send it back to them.

2) They will send you Back a document called "Offer of a Place" which describe the course, duration, services contracted and total cost. Together, you will find an "Invoice" for you to pay. This invoice is an official document of payment. Most schools accepts Credit card Payment or bank transfers, so pay it 

3) They will send you a receipt and probably they will ask you questions when are you arriving, number of flight (if you agreed with the airport transfer). Keep this receipt to show to the Immigration at the airport. That is it.

Note: If you are from a country that New Zealand requires a pre-visa, then you will need to present this receipt (and other documents) to the Embassy of consulate representation closest to your home (or country) to receive a pre-visa stamped in your passport.

To Enrol in Vocational Courses or Universities in New Zealand, the process is also the same but you will need to send more documents to the Educational Institution such as proof or English ability, diplomas of conclusion of previous courses in your country, etc...These documents must be translated into English and recognized as true copies of the original translation. (send by fax or in PDF file). They will guide you in all documentation necessary depending on the type of course you decided.

Easy and simple:

You 1) Fill up the form and send to the school(Enrolment Form) 3) Pay
The School 2) School will ask you more details or request documentation of previous studies

School will send you an "offer of place" and the bill to be paid.

4) School acknowledges payment and will be waiting for you to start your course

Notes: For courses less than 3 months you don't need a student visa. A Tourist Visa (or permit) will be enough. Vocational courses and University courses can be paid in parts (usually you pay every 6 months) Some schools can negotiate payment other don't. To stay in a homestay, the minimum stay accepted is 4 week

Get ready to go and don't forget to bring something warm with you in the plane. New Zealand can be quite cold during Winter time. That is it. "A Piece of Cake".

The most difficult is to choose the City

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