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 If you are going to study in New Zealand for 6 months or more in a full-time course, students will be able to get a work permit to work legally for a maximum of 20 hours per week. (Please consult the New Zealand Immigration for confirmation of this work consent). This incentive if valid, will place New Zealand almost in the same base as Australia (Australia is 3 months only for any registered courses). 

 New Zealand is a great country to Study with one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. If it is not enough for you, what about the quality of their schools, polytechnics and Universities?, For sure you will take notice of the safety on the streets day or night, and also, how friendly Kiwis are. If still not enough to convince you to study in New Zealand, what about prices?. That's right! New Zealand is cheaper to study than many other places around the world, such as Australia, United States or those countries whose education is charged in Euros or Pounds. To complement, New Zealand courses are recognized in Australia, United States, and many other countries in the world. Due to the high quality in education, New Zealand is attracting near 100,000 International Students per year from almost all nations in the globe.

New Zealand cities have very low crime rates, so students can relax and concentrate better in their studies and use the free time planning to have fun and adventures. The schools also offer individual attention with orientation and help to student with problems in matters such homesick, finding accommodation, career choice and even to look for work if they have permission. The schools have many other services (some are paid extra) to provide health insurance, home stay or transfer from the airport, as well as they offer organized tours during weekends and holidays. Schools and their staff are prepared to do everything possible to make international students have a good time while studying and enjoying their stay in New Zealand.

  Courses in New Zealand for International students are offered by hundreds of educational  institutions. From the basics of the English language to the highest level of education, you will find a course that certainly will help you to construct or enhance your professional future. If you are already studying in you country you may also finish your degree or university in New Zealand according to your previous studies. Depending on the course you choose, the career may be in the "professions in demand list" of the department of immigration, which may help you in the future to get extra points to apply for permanent resident of New Zealand.

But the best of all is the opportunity to study in a small country, where everything is so close and you wont feel the stress of the big cities. The life can be easy or busy depending with what you like to do. The natural beauty, pure air, friendly people, fantastic landscapes, and plenty of things to do, provides a new world of knowledge and it makes New Zealand a perfect and affordable study destination. 

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