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Courses to migrate
to New Zealand

There is no specific course to migrate to New Zealand, but you can study a subject that may lead you to acquire enough points to do what they call a "Skilled Migration". The New Zealand Government every year put up a list of "professionals in demand" to cut the shortage of skilled workers in some areas.

Study in NZ a Diploma at level 5 for example is a great option to qualify or to be able to immigrate to New Zealand. With the changes made by the immigration of New Zealand, if you have courses made in NZ, students earn more points with the scoring system for those wishing to immigrate, a benefit to candidates who complete certain courses. Another advantage for course studied in NZ is that there are possibilities of Work Visas after the study - with its qualification in New Zealand you can request a work visa after your studies if you win points and if it is a level 7 (or higher) course or it is a qualification of two years in level 4-6 with at least two academic years of study in New Zealand. or if you have two New Zealand qualifications at levels of 4-6 in at least one course in New Zealand and the second qualifying is at a higher level (e.g. completing a course of a year level 5, followed by a course of a year level 6).

Of course, if you're already a professional with experience in one of the demand sectors listed by the department, you don't need to take any course, because in a Skilled Migration application, probably you will score some good points. The "Skilled Migration" is based on a system of points, with main factors of your life will give you some points, and the total addition of the points you've got, if it surpass what they call "the pass mark" and after submitting your "expression of interest", may take you to a permanent residency visa status, which will allow you to live and work in New Zealand as long as you like. These points are given according to your age, your scholarship, your English level, your work experience, and some other factors. So, if you are a young person with a PHD in one area of demand, and your English Language Skills are near perfect, you will have a great chance to be accepted and pass the mark.

As said above, every year the government renew the demand list, so if you already have some studies done in one area, which is not listed, but you still want very much to live in New Zealand, what you can do is take a course to enhance your chances. This course can be vocational or technical, University, post graduation, or even English, in the case your English is not good enough and you need a good level in the IELTS test to get you points for English Language Skills. As soon as the course you are taking will lead you to a qualification that is part of the country's demand for professionals, you are in the right track. For more information check with the New Zealand Immigration Department the list of professionals on demand.

Ok, now that we finished our course everyone of you will have to spend 10 minutes inside the volcano creater. After that you will be accepted.

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