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New Zealand
by Tours

  You don't need to be a very experience traveller to travel New Zealand. Everything is so simple and efficient that even first timers will get along well. Anyway, some people prefer to have everything organized before the arrival and want to enjoy 100% the trip not worrying about reservations, car rentals, entrance to attraction or language barriers. For these people New Zealand also offers great options of tours already planned, it doesn't matter if you want a radical or adventurous tour or if you want to do something relaxed, contemplative, or calm. You will find tours operators also offering specific tours, be for gays or lesbians, only for women, only for men, to the elderly, to young people, cultural tours, photographic tours, adventure tours, you name it, probably will be some tour operator attending that niche of market. Doesn't matter the tour you choose, one thing you can be sure..." you will have lots and lots of fun travelling new Zealand".

From Auckland the happy tourist can take a tour to both Islands, and everything will depend upon the time you have to travel and the bucks you want to spend. The majority of tour operators offers packages from 4 to 21 days, but you'll also find many local operators doing day tours to nearby places. If you don't fell like doing a regular tour, there are also Tour companies that can plan and arrange an itinerary for you, or tailor made the trip for you. These companies can synchronize the tour the way you like it, for example, the accommodation plus a part travelling by bus, another by train, another by plane, the highlights and places of interest you want to stop by and any activity you want to see or try. As we said before, travel New Zealand is a breeze, and hiring a tour company to organize everything for you is a bonus.

Curiosity: One day me and my wife travelling from Taupo to Wellington to connect with the ferry to the South Island, a big storm came about. The rain was heavy and the driver reduce the speed of the bus according to the road condictiones. That meant we were going to get there too late to catch the ferry. I spoke with the driver about that, and he asked how many passengers were going to take the ferry boat. About 8 people raised the hand and he phoned from his cell phone the ferry's captain and told the situation. The result was that the captain delayed the departure until we got there. This fact called our attention about how much care they take with tourists in New Zealand.

The main companies that operates day tours and tour of medium and long duration in both Islands of New Zealand are:

Tour Masters Tours - - Ph: ++64 9 3598380.
Thrifth Adventures - Web: - Phone: ++64 9 3598380
Newmans Coach lines - Web: - Phone: ++64 9 6231504
Kirra Tours -  Web: - Phone: ++64 3 3550492
Scenic Pacific - Web: - phone: ++ 64 3 359 3999
Flying Kiwi - - Phone: ++64 3 5470171
Stray - Web: - Phone:++64 9 3098772
Magic Bus - Web: - Phone: ++64 9 3585600
Kiwi Experience - - Phone: ++64 9 3669830
Top Tours - Web: - Phone: ++64 9 2668467
Great Sights new Zealand - Phone: ++64 9 3067633
Great New Zealand - Web: Phone: + +64 9 5328824 
Guthreys - Web: - Phone: ++64 9 3022645
Gay Tours New Zealand - Web: - Phone:++64 3 3179441
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