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Internal Distances 
in New Zealand

The roads in New Zealand are very good and safe, the asphalt is very good but they are narrow and there are not many side roads. The speed limit is 100 km per hour on highways and 50 km per hour in urban areas, or as an indication of the signpost. Normally a 10% increase in reading by radar is tolerated, but the driver must stay alert on descents, long straights and especially at the entrances of towns and villages, where the speed is reduced sharply. Fines are applied without mercy or apology for speeding or for lack of use of seat belts, including passengers travelling in the back seat. Signs to be obeyed speeds in tight corners, should be entrusted to the letter, because I almost stopped in the lake because I thought the car would make 70 in a curve of 55 km / h. The average speed on a journey (if there is ice or deductions) is about 80 km / h, because although you might be moving at 100km will slow down when passing through towns and villages decreasing the average.

  North Island:

            Gisborne 510
          Hamilton 405 130
        Rotorua 110 300 240
      Taupo 90 160 340 280
    Tauranga 168 85 110 300 210
  Wellington 545 380 460 520 535 650
Wangarei 820 380 450 410 300 682 170

  South Island:

            Dunedin 360
          Milford 410 770
        Mt. Cook 580 320 330
      Nelson 750 1150 780 420
    Queenstown 850 270 310 280 490
  Te Anau 165 1020 425 120 290 650

Crossing the Cook Strait:

The distance from the sea that separates the North Island South Island is 90 km, and the Ferry-Boat normal crossing time is 3 hours and 40 minutes and should be booked the reservation in advance. The crossing of Cook Strait flight takes 25 minutes.

Important Note: If renting a Car or Motorhome in NZ, check with your rental company if you will be required to cross the Cook Strait with the car in the Ferry-Boat, or if you could leave it in Wellington or Picton and get another one. The economy is significant if 2 or fewer passengers are travelling in the car. If more than two passengers, it is better to do the math to see which it is more economical and convenient. Also make sure that the rental company will not be charging a fee for returning the car at another island, if this is your option.

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