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Tourism in 

New Zealand

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 Travel New Zealand is pure relaxing. The places are sometimes too beautiful to describe, the people very friendly, and everything is simple and functional. In these pages about tourism, we'll give tips about many places we've been and love it, as well as valuable information about what to do and how to get along easy in New Zealand.

Let's start by mentioning the advantages to do tourism in New Zealand. At first, the country is not too big which make it easy for any type of travel. The nuances in the landscape changes about every 200 Km or so, making the travelling by road a pleasant one. There are few stretches of road that can make you bored in a car or in a bus, but mostly, the rides are very enjoyable. Forests changes into grassy areas, a small hill can hide a huge active volcano ahead, breathtaking rivers can run into breathtaking lakes, and beaches can barrels gorgeous bays. If you get tired of too much beauty, and demand action, there are as many radical and adventures tours as your bank manager allows you to do. The optins are endless. There are things to do for any pocket and to any class of traveller. You will never get enough of it. New Zealand Is a traveller's paradise.

North Island is wider and shorter than South Island and also presents a warmer weather. In the centre, the huge Ruapehu Volcano dominates the landscape with important towns nearby such as Taupo e Rotorua. A little bit North, by the sea, the region of the Bay of Plenty has one of the best weathers in New Zealand and the beaches are very nice to swim or surfing. This region extends to the west until another region called Coromandel Peninsula, with mountains kissing the sea. Up North is Auckland, the biggest and most populated city of New Zealand. Further noth, the happy tourist will meet the Northlands, a paradise for nautical sports and historic places. To the East of Bay of Plenty, the Eastlands are almost still virgin, with very limited tourist infra structure except for the gorgeous bays, beaches, and a very unique landscape. Gisborne and Napier are also nice cities in the east part of  the North Island and they deserve a visit by wine lovers as well as by Art- Deco fans. In the Southwest, the city of New Plymouth and the Taranaki Volcano dominates the landscape with a perfect cone and nice beaches too. Finally to the South of the North Island, Wellington the capital of New Zealand is a place not to be missed, and it is also the conection point with the South Island.

The Cook Straight separates both Islands by 90 km of sea. The crossing is made in huge and comfortable Ferry Boats, transporting passengers and cars as well. The views both entering and leaving Wellington and Picton, are breathtaking.

The South island is narrow and long, just 200 km wide in its narrowest part. The town of Picton is the entrance gate to South island and to the West, the city of Nelson reserves countless attractions for tourists. Going South from Picton, the towns of Blemheim and Kaikoura, are also nice. Blemhein if famous for wine production and Kaikoura for the Wales. In this region the Southern Alps starts to grow high and follow alway to the South. Christchurch and Dunedin have a large presence of Victorian architecture that can not be missed, but of course, too many interesting thing to see and do. Queenstown, more south, is considered the world capital of radical sports and is one of the most scenic cities in new Zealand.  Near Te Anau, the Milford Sound and its fiords are an impressive place on earth that one can't miss (photo). Invercargil, is not yet well developed for tourism, but the cost line is fantastic. You are at the end of New Zealand. Many of these places in New Zealand and how to get there are mentioned in details in our pages about cities, including detailed information about how to choose the places you want or have time to visit. So, get ready to see what New Zealand has to offer and I am sure you'll never forget this trip. To navigate in the topics about Tourism in new Zealand, please use the table at the left-top of this page.


"Come to visit New Zealand and have the trip of your life"

Ok guys, this game is called maxi-golf. The first one who puts the ball inside that volcano crater wins. If the volcano blows out, we'll count double points.

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