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International Travel 
from New Zealand

From New Zealand, the intrepid traveller can explore a number of islands in the immense Pacific Ocean. Australia is one of the largest and closest island from NZ and it's only 2000 km from Auckland, and where 2 in 10 New Zealanders have decided to move in and live. Auckland -Sydney will take less than 3 hours and costs about NZ $ 250 one way. Only Kiwis do not requires a visa to enter in Australia, and the consulate of Australia in Auckland is the place to get any required visa.

To flight to other islands close to NZ in the Oceania will take you about 3 to 6 hour from Auckland, such as going to Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fiji, Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa and Tahiti. The traffic between NZ and Australia is intense with several daily flights and departing from different cities. Going to other Pacific Islands you may find a single flight per day and sometimes per week depending about the country. Generally going to the Pacific Islands from NZ you do not require to get a tourist visa if you will stay less than 1 month, but the person will need to show a departure ticket when arriving at the immigration, and a passport valid for minimum of 6 months. But it's always better to check it out in relation of your country and passport relationship with another country. From New Zealand it is possible to get some affordable tickets to these Pacific islands and sometimes good promotions but it is good to check also what packages airlines in Australia are offering.

From NZ you may explore Indonesia (Bali), and many other popular destinations in Asia and Thailand. There are may flights to United States, UK, Europe and Middle East and you can flight to Latin America with Qantas, Lan  (stopovers in Tahiti e Easter Island) and Argentina Airlines.

 One thing that is making the the tourist happier in NZ is  not necessary any more to pay the departure fee of NZ $ 25 per person in some cities. This fee was abolished from Auckland and Christchurch Airports, making the trip more friendly, but keep the NZ$ 25 surprise fee if you departing from others cities/airports in NZ. 

Buying the ticket from the airline's website may be cheaper, especially if the company offers special promotions, but beware that the ultra-low prices they are offering may not include taxes and fees, and when it is added it may be almost the same price as any other company. It is important to note that also any travel agency in New Zealand will provide the package you would like specially if you require stopovers and advise without extra costs.

Regarding buying accommodation with air tickets, I once bought a package with accommodation which I regretted as just the next door hotel had a much better facilities for half of the price. So we think that sometimes it's good to make the bookings but only for the first days and than look around in the local and you may get discounts of up to 50% (of course that does not apply in peak holiday season). Depending on the time available and the type of trip a good research about the pros and cons of buying package accommodation in advance is essential.

Real-time departures and arrivals of flights from New Zealand Auckland Airport.

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