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Migration Agents
to New Zealand

  Important note: All information contained in this topic about visas to New Zealand, is to be used as as a guide only and are not official information. We cannot guarantee they are correct. For official and up-to-date information, see the official website of New Zealand Immigration or website of the New Zealand Embassy in your country.

Until the end of 2005 New Zealand had not regulated the profession of Migration Agent, and any one work as an agent and prepare all the papers as well give information in the process. So many people had problems because some agents without regulation had no obligation to treat the customer in an ethical manner, making it apply sometimes  without real chances, wasting money and time.

With the new law, agents are registered by NZ Immigration department have to study a specific course and I pay an annuity in order to have the right to represent the client for visas and process with the Immigration Department. In other words, New Zealand partially copied the law of Australia and apply the same rules and regulations about registering migrant agents.

That means that if you are planning to migrate to NZ and may need an agent to assist you throughout the process, you will have at least the tranquility to know that this agent is not going to mislead you in your application, making sure you have a real opportunity. If you are applying through a registered agent, it does not guarantee that you will be automatically approved by the immigration, but at least you know that the application will be done to get more chances. The final verdict will depend only on the Immigration Department. If feel the result is not fair you still have the chance to contest the result and ask for a revision. If it was a a mistake done from the agent, it may even lead to the lost of agent registration. An example of lack of ethics by the agent, would be if he or she get your application knowing that your summation of points is far below the mark for approval .

The way NZ migration agents work and charge in general is divided in steps: at the beginning some agents do not charge the first evaluation or visit but others may charge. Once accessed the case and the opportunities are good, the agent will probably start the first part of the process, which would be submitting your qualification to be assessed with the New Zealand Qualification Authority, such as Degrees, Diplomas and work experience, that could be recognized in New Zealand. If positive, organizing and preparing all the documentation to include in the process. At each stage you will be charged one amount that normally covers the Government rates, as well as the Agent fees, but some agents may prefer to charge all at once. The entire process can take something between two months to one year (or more), depending on how complete is your documentation, and how much busy the NZ Department of immigration is. You may budget a cost around ( or over) NZ$ 5000 but each case has it's own issues.

You can contact a NZ Migration agent anywhere in the world, once the agent is registered with the NZ Government, but the one who speaks your language could be more convenient. All  documents to the process must be in English or translated into English by a sworn translator which should be recognized by the Embassy or Consulate of New Zealand (you have to consider the extra costs of translations and authentication of copies of documents).

You do not have to apply through an agent as it is not an obligatory requirement to have an immigration agent to submit a process for visa or permanent residence to NZ, and you can do the entire process by yourself (please read more about it in our page about immigration to NZ). But the agent knows the all the details of the process and they coomunicate and can ask questions to the department of immigration, and may even save you money and time, because if your application is missing some documents or it's worng, it may delay the process or even put everything to lose. 

Author's note: We did our application under the skilled migrant category by ourselves withour an agent, few years ago and we were approved. But at the time we knew all about process and it was more simple. We think if done today, we may consider consulting an agent because the laws have been changing constantly and a person will need a lot of time to read and understand all the new rules.

Consult the following agents about Migration and Visa to NZ:

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