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Stay illegal in
New Zealand

 Important note: All information contained in this topic about visas to New Zealand, only serve as a guide and are not official information. We cannot guarantee they are correct. For official and up-to-date information, see the official website of New Zealand Immigration official or web of the New Zealand Embassy in your country.

Be illegal in New Zealand is not a good idea... Illegals in United States and England, as the population is huge, may take much longer for a person to be discovered. But in a small country with a small population like New Zealand, the chances of being caught are virtually 100%. And above that the word means all: "Illegal" and if a person is working illegally, or visa overstaying will be subject to imprisonment, or fines and deportation.

The majority of the Kiwis population is law-abiding people, and they hate when someone does not respect the rules in their country. Anyone can complaint to the Immigration without the person is identified. By the law employers are responsible for the work contract, including checking if the appropriate permission to work is correct, under penalty of fine or prison.  

Many people in NZ became illegal working without the proper visa and this is a not very clever idea as the payment for an illegal worker is very lower and it would be barely enough to pay the food. The person would not be able to live a normal life because will beis is a not very clever idea as the payment for an illegal worker is very lower and it would be barely enough to pay the food. The person would not be able to live a normal life because will be always hiding in fear of being found or reported. Furthermore the person will hardly save any money and will be taking unnecessary risks, having no rights under the law if something happens.

Illegal workers also give a bad name to their home country, making it harder for other people in their community or even closing doors for future genuine visitors or workers.  Portal Oceania team does not support any action against the laws and rules of NZ. There are several ways of obtaining a legal work permit. If the person understand that through legal channels you can get everything in New Zealand, maybe through a company wanting to hire people, making a course,or just getting a permit to work, even temporarily. Studying is one option even if it may involve costs and time, but later the person will achieve the goals.

Everyone can make your own decisions but our experience living in New Zealand and Australia, we strongly recommend for anyone who is thinking of staying illegally, to change your mind and act according to the laws. We encourage people to check all alternatives to stay but in a legal way. New Zealand really needs people to help to grow the country. But look, New Zealand is not like the U.S., that does not allow a foreigner to work without a green card. In NZ there are several types of work permits and visas for foreigners, and they may be easily obtained depending on the person's knowledge, a job offer, the type of work and the demand for workers in a given area. In NZ there is no shortage of sucessful foreigners making money legally and contributing to the country. The only thing that can prevent a person become one of them would be the illegal way, going against the law. Think about that please, look for appropriate means to get there, live, work and succeed. 

- Are you sure the immigration officer will not find us up here?


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