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Migrate to
New Zealand

 Important note: All information contained in this topic about visas to New Zealand, only serve as a guide and are not official information. We cannot guarantee they are correct. For official and up-to-date information, see the official website of New Zealand Immigration official or web of the New Zealand Embassy in your country.

Migrate to New Zealand has never been easier which opens many opportunities for people if they are qualified. What is called qualified or "Skilled Migration" is the person who has higher education, technical, or work experience, preferably in a professional or specialty that is in demand in NZ. A job offer in New Zealand would be one of the factors that would contribute to extra points. That means: total of qualification, work experience ,good level of English, age below 55 years = great chances of being accepted. Work experience in the same area of ​​study is not a determinant, but the more years a person has, the more points will score. If the person has a job offer in New Zealand, it's even better, and its is  basically what NZ wants, ie people who will not hang in the unemployment system due to lack of conditions to get work .

New Zealand needs to increase its production and the world market share so is interested in people who can help to build the country's future, and that the ideal (but not necessarily) is that this person has a profession or knowledge in the country of origin that is in demand in New Zealand. Furthermore, New Zealand has only 4.5 million good souls, which would fit for example, three or four times within a city like Rio de Janeiro. The productive population is aging and the number of births remains low, as more and more Kiwis are having children later. Meanwhile, the solution is to bring good people who want to integrate into society and help to build the country. It's a great country to live, and it's considered one of the best in the world.

T  The person interested in migrate to NZ should first check with the NZ immigration website or look for an agent registered with the Immigration New Zealand Government. The application is not complicated, though it involves a lot of documents. It can be done by yourself just following the "bible" ie each item required. Note: who is writing to you (photo at the top of the page), made it without the help of an immigration agent and we were successful without problems. The steps requires a lot of discipline in the organization of papers and documents, and the rules and forms are very bureaucratic. But we know other people who used an migration agent for convenience. Anyway it does not cost cheap (about US $ 3,500/5,000 each), as we had to pay for certified translations of all documents, as well as vaccinations, examinations, medical certificates, certificates of criminal records in the federal police, and other things that are well beyond the boring but necessary plus the time spent. We were a family of four, but even for a single person it would not be much cheaper., 

The first thing to do is go online and check your points on the website of NZ  Immigration, if t you could get enough number of points to migrate. If so, then it's time for confirmation of this result, called EOI "Expressions of Interest under the Skilled Migrant Category," which can also be done online (you have to register on the site, and then fill out a form with your data). Once submitted, about 15 days later, they do the so-called "pool", gathered from various applicants, and will decide whether your application will be accepted and your points ok so you can move forward. The NZ immigration process can be done from outside or inside the country.

The second phase of the process is up to you and that means you will have to provide evidence that you have studied and / or worked in such a places. All this stuff has to be send certified copies and translated by a sworn translator if necessary. All diplomas, courses of study or university, you must send to b recognized in NZ BEFORE sending all other documentation so you will know they be accepted. Hows this can be  done? Basically, sending the transcripts of your university or technical course (materials and workload), as well as the title of qualifications, and any other documents evidencing or work experience with a letter from your employer, describing the types of work and positions done. Send the copies to NZQA (New Zealand Qualification Authority) for them to assess whether the courses and / or work experience will be recognized officially by the government of New Zealand -you have to pay a fee for this service. Only after receiving an affirmative answer, and you could enter with  the process. Send  authenticated copies ( by a Justice of peace), originals documents only if requested.  You may start the process within New Zealand, but remember you will have to have all these documents in hand. Courses made in NZ  do not need this procedure to be recognized so it is a big advantage studying over there.

After your qualification is recognized it gets much easier, and you just need to meet step-by-step requirements to show the rest of the documentation, medical exams etc. The more complete and organized are your documents, the faster will be the final approval. There are applicants from all over the world who could get their results in less than two months, because they showed everything required. Others are pending in providing documents so the process may take a year or more . Even for those who hire immigration agents to be more convenient, the application could be stopped without the proper documents.

Our tip is to read and study well each topic online or request brochures or booklets in consulates and embassies. Read and try to understand what they want from you. There is no discrimination but be aware they will check each document submitted. Due to the high rate of fraud in applications, the Immigration Department now put an expert to analyze the processes. If you have problems to proof your past jobs for example, the firm that you worked has closed or went bankrupt and no one in the HR to contact - try to find a witnesses who can testify in writing that you have worked there for example. They demand that everything presented is absolutely correct and true that can be proven but they may understand some issues you may have, so a letter with an explanation will be very helpful. Do not be afraid and good luck in you application.

And now that you've got the residence, I will tell you about the politicians of New Zealand.

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