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in New Zealand

 Important note: All information contained in this topic about visas to New Zealand, should be considered only as a guide and is not the official information. We cannot guarantee they are correct. For official and up-to-date information, see the official website of New Zealand Immigration official or web of the New Zealand Embassy in your country.

Once you are inside New Zealand, you will be under a visa, which may be extended according to the status of your visa. Visa Forms and Prices of visas for NZ and fees can be viewed at this link: NZ Forms.

Tourist Visa:  may be renewed for up to nine months at most by 2 revovações beyond the first. (each with 3 months duration). Of course this depends on Immigration grant such renewal in accordance with the rules they have, such as having money to maintain, not be illegal, and more. In fact it can be renewed for up to 12 months, but only in special cases, and the person can not return to New Zealand as a tourist for another 12 months

Student Visa  - for those who will study more than three months. It may be renewed while you are working toward a degree in Integral time.

Work Visa - can also be renewed if it satisfies the requirements of immigration. There are several categories of work visa, which you should verify the one you have, such as temporary work, working holiday, work to get work experience etc.

Visas can be renewed online on the Internet, but you have to register with the website of Immigration to do so, this link goes to the page where it is written: Online Services

Note: some schools have an agreement with Immigration renew a student visa, provided you study there.

Changing visa: There are also possibilities to change the visa within NZ, or have ta change of conditions for example, change work, change of school / course- check all here: variation of conditions (PDF).

Tip: It is very important never let you visa overdue, you should always renew or change in advance.

Those who have already renewed the Visa- raise the arm!!

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