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Student Visa
to New Zealand

 Important note: All information contained in this topic about visas to New Zealand, only serve as a guide and are not official information. We cannot guarantee they are correct. For official and up-to-date information, see the official website of New Zealand Immigration official or web of the New Zealand Embassy in your country.

Study in New Zealand may or may not require a visa , depending on the situation and study time. Here are some situations:

  • Study for less than 3 months: If you want to study a course for less than 3 months. In this case, there is no need for a visa because the visa Visitor / Tourist serves as long as you have those basic requirements of money (NZ $ 1000 per month), have good health and good character etc. to enter as a visitor.

  • Studying more than three months and in this case, you have to apply for a student visa that can be taken before traveling to NZ or after, when you are already within NZ. If you get the visa before arriving in NZ in general you will have the advantage of having a condition of making several trips ie, exit and return to NZ within the validity period of the student visa (multiple journeys)

 Note: Applications for Visas can take between 2 and 15 weeks, so it is best to do as much notice as possible and not to never leave your visa expires.

To receive a student visa to study in NZ you must fill out the form  NZIS 1012 (download PDF) and if you need this link will lead to the  guide  to help you fill it. Also you will need the following:
Letter of offer from the school and proof of payment of school.
Passport should be valid for a period of at least 1 month after the date that you are finishing the course.
Evidence of  NZ $ 1,250 or more per month (financial support made by you, relatives, company etc ...).
-  2 recent photographs size recent from less 6 months- size 3.5x4.5 
Evidence that has nowhere to stay.
Have patience.
Pay the application fee for the visa.
- You will have to prove that you have a return ticket or enough money to buy one.

Can I work while I study in NZ? If you are studying full time will need to make an application for your visa has a "variation of conditions" in which case you can work for up to 20 hours per week during the full year and during the Christmas holidays and New Year. Not need to have a job offer to have the variation of conditions.There are some restrictions to be able to work while studying: The course must have two years' duration, the course leads to a NZ qualification which can give points in the Skilled Migrant category, the course is one year in duration and work experience is part of course, if you are studying year 12 or 13 and have parental permission and school, if you study English to improve the level above but have IELTS 5.0 or more.

Important Note: new rules will start from April 2012 to Study to Work scheme. In 2014 Students are now able to apply online for Student Visa.

Further information: (too many ...)
 - If you have a student visa and want to change course or institution will need to have a "variation of conditions."
NZ student visa does not allow you to be self employed.  There is a visa designed for that category.
One year of academic study means eight months of full time study and it is excluded holidays and breaks.
-  If studying a High School course in NZ for more than 3 months, it requires a Student Visa
-   If you Graduate in a Qualification or Higher Degree you may request a Technical Graduate Job Search Work Visa to stay working and gain experience, especially if the area is in need of professionals.
If your Study Visa is about to expire, and you want to study more, do not wait until the last minute or you will be illegal.
Health Insurance for the studies are required, and third party insurance (Public Liability) are advisable.
Course with less than nine months - a person must show that have access to funds of NZ $ 1250 per month less any accommodation pre-paid and studies of more than 9 months will have to show that a person have access to funds of NZ $ 15,000 per year to cover its costs less some accommodation that has been already prepaid.
The maximum time to stay on a student visa is 4 years.
If studying in NZ with the family, only one is in need to have Student Visa to study the rest of the family can stay with a Visitor Visa.
If you will study for more than six months will need a medical examination by a registered doctor and lungs X-ray. To see the list of doctors by country and city approved and registered by the NZ government .
If you have a guarantor to be your sponsor to study in NZ it does not need not be family member. Financial Undertaking for a Student – INZ 1014

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