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Tourist Visa
to New Zealand

 Important note: All information contained in this topic about visas to New Zealand, only serve as a guide and are not official information. We cannot guarantee they are correct. For official and up-to-date information, see the official website of New Zealand Immigration official or web of the New Zealand Embassy in your country.

Visit New Zealand as a tourist has never been so easy because depending on your home country ( visa free countries) and mutual agreements, there is no need of visas with prior approval. Just take the plane and at the arrival, it will be a quickly visit to the airport immigration, and once you have the basic requirements, such as sufficient funds to a minimum of NZ $ 1000 per month or NZ 400 if you have a prepaid accomodation, good health and caracter, and probably a Visitor's Visa will be granted. Check if your home country is  listed at the NZ visa waiver list

  • Tourist visa in NZ does not allow you to work, and is only for tourism but nothing can prevent you to look fo a job and then ask for the correct visa (work visa). Just do not work without the proper visa or you will be considered illegal. 
  • You may study with Tourism Visa if the course has no more than 3 months duration. For anyone studying for longer than 3 months must be changed for student visa.
  • Three months is the initial time immigration usually gives  tourists to stay in NZ and it is alowed 2 renewals in a total of 9 months in a year. Please do not leave you visa to expire because it's so easy to renew and New Zealand is now also even accepting online applications.
  • Tourist staying longer than 6 months and from a TB risk country has to provide extra exams and rx or evidence the person is free of  pulmonary  tuberculosis .
  • Sufficient funds can be in the form of cash, travellers' cheques, bank drafts, credit cards with sufficient credit available.
  • Tourist visa for families: your application can cover your partner and dependent children up to the age of 19 yearl old. Kids over 20, and non-dependants, will need to make their own application.
  • Medical insurance It is recommend better include a comprehensive medical insurance for the whole duration of your visit.
  • Your passport must be valid for at least three months past the date you are to leave New Zealand, or one month past the date you intend to leave if the government issuing your passport has consular representation in New Zealand.
  • You must show your travel tickets, confirmed or open-dated, out of New Zealand to a country which you have the right to enter; or written confirmation from an airline or travel agency.

Well now it's so easy that I do not have much to say, more information please look to official website. Just one more thing, it is possible to change any visa inside NZ . 

Every year he comes to visit all NZ playgorunds.

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