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Work Visa
to New Zealand

 Important note: All information contained in this topic about visas to New Zealand, only serve as a guide and are not official information. We cannot guarantee they are correct. For official and up-to-date information, see the official website of New Zealand Immigration official or web of the New Zealand Embassy in your country.

Any nationality other than Australian needs a Visa to work in NZ. Otherwise, will be an illegal worker entitled to have many problems, imprisonment, deportation etc. But New Zealand has a lot of options to work, get professional experience, gain little or a lot of money ( who am I to say?) or even, just to add in your resume international (hard) work experience. In the topic  Work in NZ we have already covered about it (in this website of course) so here we talked about the Work Visa. Below we describe some options for those who want Mansions, Yatch, Women or Men, Jewelry, Personal Achievement, or for those who want to break your back harvesting pumpkin.

Workinging Holiday - also called it seems not, you may think that you are going to travel a lot, but in the end will work like hell. This visa is allowed for many countries and has different conditions. Read more about Working holiday page on the Portal Oceania or at the Immigration website.

Temporary Work - it a quickie - when a person receives a job offer for a short period of time. It could be for an event, show, or even because the worker is skilled in a profession that short demand in NZ. It may be also because the employer can not find in NZ, a Kiwi enabled or willing to do the service.

Work to Residence - Also known as church altar because you first have to kneel and then be blessed. In this case, the applicant must be very good worker at something (even Ballet) and preferably (but not necessarily) with a solid job offer with a contract for a period of time. After that time, the worker will be graced with brilliant bonus points to apply for permanent residency.

Skilled Migrant - nickname "welcome my dear," where the applicant is qualified to perform a particular profession, (preferably listed in the occupations in demand) less than 55 years, speaking English well, and if you have a job or offer, chances are 1000 times greater. It's just an immigration with full rights to work. Read more about immigration here.

Employee of a Relocating company - known among intimates as please call me and I go, suits companies that are changing or opening branches in New Zealand, to bring their leading operators to work in the land of the long white clouds and colorful money.

All categories listed above are Visa to work in NZ but there are many others not listed here. Each one has a type and documentation for different applications. The most important thing is knowing that you can not work in New Zealand without a visa and a job can open countless oportunites including to stay there forever, if you wish. See more details about each of them NZ immigration website or in our page to furhter links to research (learn more).

Big John got a job as a photographer and discovered why New Zealand is called "Aotearoa".

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