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How much is paid
in New  Zealand

The minimum wage in New Zealand is NZ $ 440 per week or NZ$ 550 week depending age and profession ( NZ$550x 52 weeks=NZ $ 28 600). It is known that wages in New Zealand are not the best in the world, but they are in a very good level for the middle class enjoy a good lifestyle and people know exactly where the tax money is invested. The present minimum wage in New Zealand, for adult workers is $ 13.75 per hour before taxes for 40 hours (full time job) or $ 110 per day for 8 hours. Starting workers and young workers with 16/17 years old, receive less but in training wages receive NZ $ 11 / hour . Payments are usually by week or fortnight. But importante to note that the average annual wage in New Zealand is NZ $ 54.900 before taxes, according to the 2012 salary survey. Minimum wages from the Gov NZ website 

  The level of education and training may have a major effect on how much people earn. If you have a higher level qualification in New Zealand it is likely that you will earn 30% more or even double than those without a qualification. If you finish a degree you're likely to get 25% more than if you give leave school or abandon the course in the midle. The table below can illustrate the differences with and without qualification:

  Wages & Education in NZ:

Level of Education Average Gross Salary
Not completed High School 48.000 NZD
High School 54.000 NZD
Vocational/ Technical 62.00 NZD
Bachelor 70.000 NZD
Mester 81.000 NZD
Doctor  100.000 NZD

What are the main areas earning more in NZ? Mining, electricity, gas and water, environment, medical practices, law, finance and insurance, public administration and defense, wholesale. The industries that have the lowest wages are jobs in hotels, cafes and restaurants, agriculture, forestry and fishing, retail and other services (source employment earnings and income statistics).

The average working hours of full-time are 40 hours per week, but note these are average hours. People in some occupations may work longer hours and may earn more or less than the average depending on experience. Employers in skilled occupations, with over 10 years of experience may receive an average salary of about NZ $ 58,000 to NZ $ 80,000 or more per year. For example median income for a senior software engineer / developer is about NZ $ 82,000.

  Average salary per year and by qualification (average net are earnings after tax).

Career Average Gross Salary Average Net Salary
Other IT Career 122,340 NZD 94,810 NZD
General Manager 115,500 NZD 85,718 NZD
Business Development Manager 109,357 NZD 83,835 NZD
Civil Engineer 108,714 NZD 85,337 NZD
Manager 105,812 NZD 84,181 NZD
Operations Manager 102,832 NZD 71,025 NZD
SAP Consulting 100,000 NZD 71,200 NZD
Logistics Manager 91,500 NZD 71,500 NZD
IT Manager 88,625 NZD 64,100 NZD
Customer Service Manager 87,484 NZD 75,948 NZD
Sales Manager 85,973 NZD 62,024 NZD
Lawyer 82,857 NZD 59,571 NZD
IT Project Manager 82,333 NZD 57,703 NZD
Other Public Sector Career 75,620 NZD 57,551 NZD
Software Engineer 73,046 NZD 51,475 NZD
Lecturer 70,100 NZD 51,820 NZD
Insurance Broker $53,770 65,600 NZD
Advertising $53,443 65,200 NZD
Software Developer $51,316 62,605 NZD
Engineer $45,302 55,268 NZD
Sales $43,934 53,600 NZD
Electrical Engineer $43,197 52,700 NZD
Accounting Assistant $42,714 52,111 NZD
Graphic Designer $39,216 47,844 NZD
Call Center $37,016 45,160 NZD

   Tax in NZ - The rates of income up to 2013  (excluding ACC and discounts):

  tax on annual earnings
10.5% up to $14,000
17.5% between $14,001 and $48,000
30.0% between $48,001 and $70,000
33.0% over $70,000

Example tax paid by a worker receiving for example NZ $ 100.000/year 

14000 * 0.105 = $1470
(48000-14000) * 0.175 = $5950
(70000-48000) * 0.30 = $6600
(100000-70000) * 0.33 = $9900

More information about Tax in NZ.

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