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Note: More information about Work in New Zealand can be found at the different tabs on the left side of this page.

Attention: all information in the topic of work in NZ , reflects only the author's experience and knowledge and vision, and  are not official. We cannot assure the information is correct although we have tried our best. All official information should be confirmed through the Immigration Department of New Zealand, and the content should be considered as a guide only. We do not have any intentions to promote work in New Zealand, or give any incentive to you start to look for work in NZ. You should considered that people has different experiences based on their skills and knowledge and we do not have any responsibility in this matter.

  In New Zealand,  the working hours are very long and the market is very competitive. But we can say that at least most of Kiwis can get the basic amount to live and if it not enough, the government is there to  complement it through the social security services. The wages have  increased in recent years, but still continue to be less than many other countries in the first world, including the closest neighbour, Australia. In New Zealand, the minimum salay per year is NZ $ 440 or NZ$ 550 per week depending of the job (NZ$ 28.600).  The Immigrants and foreigners, are the group with high levels of unemployment, reaching almost 25%. Some of the main reasons are the lack of English language, lack of professional specialization, and difficulties of cultural assimilation. However, currently New Zealand is going through an unique situation, with a great need of workers in many different work sectors. As the population is aging and the natality rate is low plus many Kiwis moved overseas, the option is to import qualified workers to the country. Minimum wages from the NZ Gov website

  Almost everybody can work in New Zealand once it is authorized by the Immigration department and get a visa for that. Permanent residents and Australian residents, do not need any authorization, and can work if they want. All other people have to request a Work Visa. This permission is something nobody needs to fear, it is just a paperwork to fill and even for the opposite, could be very easy to get it. It is very important to understand the point of view of the government (immigration) in relation of the problem of work in New Zealand, and here there are some brief explanations about it: They do not like disorganized and messy issues. Everything is extremely disciplined by rules and laws. It is like the scouts manual, with a list of written tasks, and everything need to be complied with it, one by one. NZ needs to protect their workers against a possible invasion of foreign workers, but as they do not have enough people in the country, there is a demand in many areas to keep the economy growing. Therefore, they establish rules to give these permissions of work.

Breaking these rules and working illegally, you are asking for problems, that can ruin your future life, including justice process, jail and deportation. Firstly you should considered that amount of paid wages are lower for illegal workers. This type of jobs does not guarantee anything to the employee, exploring the worker in a shame way, with hard and heavy work, and long hours, with wages that badly pay the food of the day. It is almost like a semi-slavery, where the illegal worker it is already in prison without knowing it. Moreover, the worker does not have any rights, cannot complain, and if happens something they cannot ask for help,  finishing living with fear of their own shade. So think twice because there are many ways to get a legal job in NZ  without problems.

  The simple and cheap action to apply for a permission of work at the immigration office, will not only guarantee your dignity and rights, as well as the money paid will be complied with the norms of minimum wages in New Zealand. It is very important to highlight that New Zealand is not like the United States regarding working rules. In USA working rules are very different and hardly foreigners are allowed to work. In contrast, New Zealand allows the majority of foreigners to work, once they have done an application of Work Visa, and if they have a job offer. The best situation would be if this job offer is in the areas of demand. New Zealand rules goes further, opening the doors for qualified workers to stay in the country as resident permanents, and if they  want, will be able later become citizens. It does not matter the category of Visa you are in the country, but if you request a work permission, and if its granted, you will be able to work legally in New Zealand.

  Curiosities about work/jobs in New Zealand 

The NZ immigration changed the rules offering permission to work for all students from 2014.
The total population of New Zealand already exceeded 4.4 million inhabitants in 2012 and unemployment 6.7 in March 2012.
Offers of Full time jobs had increased in 4.1%, and of Part-time 3.4%.
Many countires are listed for the woking holiday program in NZ , more about WHV in NZ  .

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 Luizón and his friend after a hard day working in fruit picking.

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