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Legal Work in
New Zealand

To request a permission to work in New Zealand is an easy procedure and there are some ways to get it. The first situation is for those people outside New Zealand, and the second for those within the country. In both situtions the process consists in four steps but if you are already in New Zealand, it can even facilitate the process. Anyone can apply for a visa or work permit, and there is no discrimination for sex, religion origin etc. What exists is during the application it will be taken into account whether or not you are taking the place of a Kiwi worker and whether the fee was paid. What ever is your situation, Tourist (Visitor) or Student (study), to change the visa or have permission to work in New Zealand with a Work Visa you do not need to leave the country to get it.

Note: we're talking here on this page about getting a working visa but there are many forms of working visa such as working holiday visa, partnership, work during events in NZ, visa for students to gain work experience while completing their course, work visas for artists and athletes with sponsorship and each category has different rules. More information about it  NZ immigration site.

The main steps are:
1) Get a job - this is the most difficult step of all. Until you get a job offer, or someone willing to guarantee you job, there is no point to request it. The only exception is for students who are enrolled in more than six months full time course. Then, the permission can be given before employment be found, but the student has to be with good level of English IELTS 5.0.

2) Once you got an offer - you can ask the employer to fill the form called Employer Supplementary Form code (NZIS 1113). It is best to get it and send the form to the employer. This can be done at any office of the immigration department (or embassy in your country) or download it via Internet (PDF). The employer must respond to all questions of the form and sign . Keep it because this document is yours to use in the third stage of the process.

3) After the employer has signed - you must fill out your application form to work in New Zealand:
Application to Work in New Zealand (NZIS 1015). After complete the form, sign, pay the fee, and send it to immigration or the embassy with the form filled out by the boss. To recap:. NZIS1113 Form + Form NZIS 1015 + fee paid OK = Work Legal Immigration. Do not forget to make copies of everything you will send.

4) Wait for the answer - do not start any work before receiving the OK from immigration. If you work before receiving the response, the permit may be canceled and you may be considered illegal. If everything is in accordance with the standards and conditions of the Department of Immigration, the chances of getting a permit are quite reasonable.
Guide to fill the work visa form in NZ.

Considerations before applying to work:
 - Form: Application to Work in New Zealand, is annoying to fill, but reading carefully you will understand what should and should not be filled (better fill out with pencil first).
 - The Employer Form  is easy to fill and very few people may refuse to do it (probably only those wanting to pay very little and exploit workers). 
 - The worst thing about the Work Permit: it is valid only for that particular job and for that period of time and you will need to do all again if you change job or this one ends. It's too much work for temporary employment for less than one month, with the exception for students (with more than 6 months course full time course) and for other applicants such as the" program work for residence", where the process is different and you can change jobs with the same permission. 

Mary Help applied for a job in a curtain shop and the only thing she needs to do is open and close curtains and smile to customers.

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