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Problems to work
In New Zealand 

Besides the need to obtain a visa to work, many jobs in New Zealand will require specific license and get the qualifications relevant to the position. Unlike some other countries, In New Zealand almost all work is regulated with specific rules in any area and all levels. This means that for almost any work you will need to have done a course, even a day course to be accepted. Proven work experience may be accepted in place of some courses, but in general, work in New Zealand, follow patterns based on the English system of classification of occupations, and has added other requirements to the worker and to the person purchasing such services or work product, making sure it is well executed and within the rules. On top of that, most insurers would refuse to insure a company that has workers not qualified, registered, or licensed to practice that profession.

To illustrate this matter, professions that once were simple, and that could be done by anyone, now require a license. Starting with the least regulated of all, which is the hospitality industry, when a few years ago, anyone could cook in a restaurant or in coffee shop. Today it is necessary that at least one person responsible for the kitchen has the "Certificate of Hygiene & Food Handling." Chefs will get this qualification during the course, but anyone can do this course as short courses in Polytechnics without the need of visas or permission by the Immigration (the course lasts only about 3 or 4 days). Other professions that until recently were quite simple such as Personal Trainers, Baby Sitter, Instructors, Sport Coaches and many others, now are required to have some qualification plus a first aid course. Driving forklifts, tractors, agricultural machinery, and machine operation, that before anyone could drive with little training now they are required by law,to attend short courses and obtain licenses to do it. Courses of Barman, Stewards, housekeeping jobs and even courses to serve coffee (barista) are not a mere curiosity, but an imposition of the contractors. The more technical and liability work, more regulations on top of it will be.

It would be easier to speak here of the professions that require nothing, (because they are just a few) than those that require qualification and courses. Carpenters, Painters, Electricians, Plumbers, Bricklayers, Mechanical, Truck drivers and many others must also need the council and registration by the specific industry that regulate it to be allowed to work. Retail jobs, information technology, administration, harvesting, waiter, dishwasher, salesman and sales representatives are the very few professions that do not require licenses or registrations.

In the Health industry for doctors, dentists, nurses, radiologists, instrumentalists, anaesthetics, pharmacists etc. all will need to obtain recognition of the qualification and by the industry regulator, and probably may have inlcude extra studies and tests to be allow to practice and adapt to the standards of New Zealand. A specific English test OET or IELTS may be required. The same would be for professionals such as accountants and lawyers who may have to attend courses or studies  to have their diplomas recognized, beside the industry recognition that if studying in NZ will get in the end of the course.

It is highly recommended for those wishing to settle in New Zealand, to engage in a course in order to obtain a license to work in addition to the visa from Immigration. Some of the professions menstioned on this page belong to the list of occupations in demand. Courses to obtain professional licenses are usually made in polytechnics or licensed private courses, and other professions of academic level, through universities and regulators.

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