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Work for Students 
In New Zealand

The good news for those who plan to study in NZ there are the new rules regarding work permits for students without the requirement of level of English and IELTS test that until 2013 was necessary. These new initiatives were already expected for a long time by all, and the decision to permit work for international students level New Zealand to be competitive with other markets such as Australia and Canada. The new initiatives will take effect from January 2014 and include:
-  Working rights for all international students studying in English language providers category 1 (high quality) and enrolled in courses with at least duration of 14 weeks.
-  International tertiary level students are entitled to work full-time during the holidays when the study is for a year or more.
-  International students for PhD and Masters research courses has the work rights unlimited.

Note 1: Some institutions that offer courses in category 4 level will have no right to offer the course to the student visa (NZQA rules).
Note 2: it is very important the choice of category of institution for students who are studying English in any university or a provider of more than 14 weeks 1by category may work part-time while studying but students of English at providers in the category 2 and 3 were with the same rules of 2013 or be allowed to work 20 hours per week if the English program have at least six months duration and if have IELTS with score of 5.0.
 Note 3: Category 4 providers means that qualifications authorities of NZQA are NOT confident in the results of this educational provider and/or their capacity for self-evaluation. This was done to protect New Zealand's reputation as a destination of quality study.

New Zealand Immigration will also be making an attempt to get industry partnership with educational institutions. Schools that are part of the initiative will be able to offer simplified visa processing and tiered for international students directly with them and in return will be responsible for the results of their immigration international students. Detailed information about all the changes here-  from NZ immigration

Restrictions on type of employment- people who hold student visas may not be self-employed, provide commercial sexual services, or operate or invest in a business of prostitution.

  Well,  these rules are changing all the time and it's better always check the NZ official immigration website. One of the important difference between a work visa to students and other categories is the permission is given even if the student has not obtained a job offer and it is valid for any kind of work.

Jobs for Students in New Zealand are not so hard to find, mostly are casual but you should consider your course timetable, so the working hours will not conflict with your studies. Full time students cannot miss more than 80% of classes. Schools are required to report to Immigration in relation to student attendance, and if you are missing classes and not reaching the minimum attendance without good reason, probably you will be asked to leave the country, losing any money paid to school in advance. Anyway, there are many jobs in the afternoon or in the night in restaurants, cleaning offices, and many others positions that even look only to hire students. You will have also the free time during the weekends allowing to work the whole day, and in some cases with better pay. Jobs for students has its limitations, but there are many different types of jobs that can be done, including even in your the schools or as as au pair in NZ.

  The majority of jobs for student are in the hospitality industry and as casuals, that means without a certain day and time to work. Casual workers are required at short notice and in general the "shift work" is just scheduled the week before. Intervals between work days can vary. Some students may have more than one casual job. Casual wages are not very high, NZ13.75 up to NZ $ 15, and it is difficult to get more than that without being a professional or have a special expertise. So if you are a student and planning to work, do not only count only with these money because it will not be enough to live. It will help you, but will be hard to pay all your expenses. The financial reserve is essential. Make a simple maths for example 13.75 x 20 hours= NZ$275 per week to pay accommodation, food, transport etc. And this if you can get the full 20 hours. More info these pages about wages in NZ and casual work .

  NZ immigration requires that students when appliying to a student visa to show evidence they have sufficient funds available to maintain themselves throughout the period of their stay in New Zealand. The evidence will depends on how long you will be studying in New Zealand. If you will be studying for less than 36 weeks, you need to provide evidence of funds of NZ$1250 for each month of study. If you will be studying for 36 weeks or more, you need to provide evidence of NZ$15,000 for each year of study. You may provide a sponsor that does not need to be a family member could be a company, a organization or someone who has agree to accept financial responsability for you while you are in NZ. More about student visa 

Variation of conditions to work in NZ ( PDF)


 Note: We know may students have done well and got jobs and others not. Those who have been successfully have always eyes for opportunities and persistence. The secret is to battle hard and not to get complacent, always being informed.

-My father always said that I will be on the top.

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